Principles in Professional Consulting


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Certificate-Series Details

4 to 5 hours

3 courses

Personalized Learning

$155 (US funds) to earn Certificate, unless otherwise arranged

The Necessary Foundations for Any Internal or External Consultant

A consultant is anyone in a role to support or guide a person, team or organization to change, but who has no direct authority to make that change happen.  Thus, you are a consultant if you are a trainer, facilitator, coach or advisor.  This self-paced Series gives you the practical knowledge and resources to understand the field of professional consulting, your role as an internal or external consultant, and what methods to use in your consulting and when.  It explains how you can always work in a highly professional, safe and ethical manner, especially in highly diverse organizations undergoing tremendous change.

Learning Outcomes
  • Determine what a professional consultant is and does
  • Identify methods that you, as a professional consultant, can use and when
  • Implement systematic methods and best practices during and at closure of consulting projects
  • Establish positive, trusting relationships with internal and external clients
  • Determine the key person to work with–who the real “client” is
  • Identify how to work in a highly ethical and low-risk manner
  • Expand your toolbox of effective approaches to problem solving

More specific learning objectives are itemized in each of the courses in this Series.

Tools & Resources
  • Three Training Videos
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Learning Journal
  • Sources for Additional Learning (recommended interactive exercise(s), book(s), discussion group and questions for reflection about the topic)
  • Access to CDI’s Discussion and Networking Group

 Downloadable Resources

From “Roles, Goals and Reasons in Consulting” Course

  • Suggested Primary Goals and Working Assumptions for Consultants
  • Types of Clients in Consulting Projects
  • Organic Approach to Consulting
  • Internal and External Consulting
  • Comparison of Internal and External Consultants

From “Primary Methods—and Myths—in Consulting” Course

  • How to Know When to Facilitate, Train or Coach
  • Basic Guidelines for Effective Meeting Management
  • Basic Guidelines for Effective Questioning
  • How to Design Groups for Successful Facilitation
  • How to Share Useful Advice

From “Standards, Principles and Risks in Consulting” Course

  • How to Develop a Code of Ethics
  • Principles for Effective Consulting
  • Principles for Ethical Consulting
To Earn a Certificate in “Principles in Professional Consulting"
Complete 3 courses in this order:

  1. Roles, Goals and Reasons in Consulting
  2. Primary Methods—and Myths—in Consulting
  3. Standards, Principles and Risks in Consulting
 Demonstrate Learning

  • Correctly answer at least 80% of post-assessment questions after each course
  • Email Learning journal to faculty after each course
  • Pay the Series’ $155 fee, unless otherwise arranged
 Earn a Certificate
Receive a Certificate in “Principles in Professional Consulting”  from CDI

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