About CDI

Consultants Development Institute (CDI) is unique in that it:

  • Provides very practical and accessible online courses,
  • That can be accessed from anywhere at anytime,
  • With highly experienced faculty,
  • And ongoing peer support and accountabilities,
  • To provide learners the core knowledge and skills
  • To be successful in any consulting role – a role that involves advising, facilitating, training or coaching in for-profit, nonprofit and government organizations.

CDI’s learning platform uses a state-of-the-art, blended learning approach with resources that you can easily access at any time. You get instruction through concise, online videos – each packed with practical, step-by-step instructions. Short quizzes affirm your learning from each course.

Concurrently, you can frequently share questions, answers and resources with other learners and faculty in the facilitated, online discussion group. Faculty share frequent tips and have decades of experience in teaching consulting skills.

You access numerous step-by-step tools that you can immediately download to use and share with others. The videos specify when to use each tool during your consulting.

You also access a portal with 1000s of online, free, supplemental resources related to consulting. You use your private Learning Journal to document your ongoing learning and development.  Faculty share feedback to each Journal submitted by students enrolled in a Certificate-Series.

We are open to collaborating with organizations, including to professionally develop their constituents and to host their curriculum related to consulting and its various roles. We invite you to explore our website, including about our organization, programs, services and support.

female consultant in suite smiling and looking at camera

CDI was founded in 2013 by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, a principal consultant in CDI, and founding partner of Authenticity Consulting, LLC. Like CDI’s other principal consultants, he has successfully been training consultants since the 1990s.


Got a question? Want to talk to us?

Contact CDI at info@ConsultantsDevelopmentInstitute.org or its sponsoring organization, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, at (763) 971-8890.