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CDI faculty strongly believes in the power of collaborations. We have successfully collaborated with organizations to provide their own high-quality, low-overhead and highly accessible consultant training for their constituents — and to generate revenue for themselves, as well.  Consider contacting CDI to provide the online courses and Certificate-Series to your constituents, for example, if yours is:

  • An association — that wants to quickly add a professional development program as a service to your members
  • A consultancy — that wants to enhance the impact of your consultants
  • A human development program — for example, for coaches, trainers, facilitators or mentors, and that wants to ensure a firm foundation of consulting skills for your learners
  • A Human Resource Department — that wants to develop your internal consultants to support the rest of the organization
  • A group of practitioners — that wants to go through the courses together to support each other’s learning
  • A workforce development center — that wants professional development for your clients and customers
  • Any organization — that wants to develop its employees to more effectively guide and support others

We would be glad to talk with you about how we might support your efforts to help others to be better internal or external consultants, leaders and problem-solvers.

Thank you!


Got a question? Want to talk to us?

Contact CDI at or its sponsoring organization, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, at (763) 971-8890.