Principles in Organizational Consulting

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Certificate-Series Details

6 hours

4 courses

Personalized Learning

$190 (US funds) to earn Certificate, unless otherwise arranged

A User-Friendly Series to Build Your Acumen in Business and Successful Change

This Series is for any professional or leader who wants a clear and practical understanding of the “big picture” – of the system – of organizations, including of the various functions within them and how they fit together, for example, Boards, strategic planning and finances.

It is for those who seek to understand the core principles in changing teams and organizations in order to enhance their alignment and performance.  It is for those who want to appreciate current major trends in organizations, leadership, management and consulting – and how those trends create problems and yet offer opportunities for organizations and professionals.

This Series focuses on foundational principles, practices and tools.  The expertise to reliably guide significant change in organizations comes from years of experience, feedback and learning.  Would this Series be valuable to you?  You might decide after doing this Assessment of Your Knowledge of Organizational Consulting.

Learning Outcomes
  • Make sense of the overall system of any organization, including its interactions with stakeholders outside of the system
  • Recognize the major functions within an organization, how each is a subsystem, and how you can align and integrate them within your client’s’ organizations
  • Determine the current stage of an organization and what’s needed to evolve to the next stage
  • Talk about “performance” with your clients, including the performance management process, and how to integrate that process into your consulting project
  • Guide your clients to align project goals with the organization’s overall objectives and strategies
  • Develop change-management plans that integrate key phases for long-lasting and successful change in any type of organization
  • Anticipate the barriers to change that can occur, plan how to avoid or overcome each
  • Recognize key trends in organizations, leadership, management and consulting, and consider how your clients and you can benefit from those trends
  • Effectively respond to the changes in your profession and in the world around you

More specific learning objectives are itemized in each of the courses in this Series.

Tools & Resources
  • Four Training Videos
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Learning Journal
  • Sources for Additional Learning (recommended interactive exercise(s), book(s), discussion group and questions for reflection about the topic)
  • Access to CDI’s Discussion and Networking Group

 Downloadable Resources

From “Grasping the Big Picture in Organizations” Course

  • Open System of an Organization
  • Nonprofit Compared to For-Profit Organizations
  • System of a Nonprofit Program
  • Systems View of Various Business Functions (Boards of Directors, strategic planning, business planning, management development, human resources, financial management, advertising and product evaluation)
  • Systems View of Various Nonprofit Management Functions (Boards of Directors, strategic planning, management development, staffing, financial management, advertising, fundraising and program evaluation)
  • Examples of Systematic Plans in Business
  • Examples of Systematic Plans in Nonprofits
  • Life Cycles of Organizations and Subsystems
  • Overview of Some Common Models for Organizational Change
  • How to Design a Logic Model
  • How to Diagnose For-Profit Organizations
  • How to Diagnose Nonprofit Organizations

From “It’s All About Performance in Organizations” Course

  • Overview of Performance Management
  • Performance Management Procedure
  • Examples of Performance Management Systems
  • Systems View of Various Business Functions
  • Systems View of Various Nonprofit Management Functions

From “Perspectives on Change in Organizations” Course

  • Basics for Successful Organizational Change
  • Checklist to Assess Client Readiness for Change
  • How to Use Organizational Assessments
  • How to Understand Culture of Client’s Organization
  • Checklist to Analyze Barriers to Change
  • Summary of Systems Principles for Change
  • Summary of Where to Focus for Change
  • Common Types of Issues in For-Profits
  • Common Types of Recommendations to Improve For-Profits
  • Common Types of Issues in Nonprofits
  • Common Types of Recommendations to Improve Nonprofits

From “Current Trends in Organizations” Course

  • New Organizational Structures
  • Historical and Contemporary Theories of Management
  • Impacts of Driving Forces of Change
To Earn a Certificate in “Principles in Organizational Consulting"
Complete 4 courses in this order:

  1. Grasping the Big Picture in Organizations
  2. It’s All About Performance in Organizations
  3. Perspectives on Change in Organizations
  4. Current Trends in Organizations
 Demonstrate Learning

  • Correctly answer at least 80% of post-assessment questions after each course
  • Email your Learning Journal to faculty shortly after each course
  • Pay the Series’ $190 fee, unless otherwise arranged
 Earn a Certificate
Receive a Certificate in “Principles in Organizational Consulting”  from CDI

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5-icon Start your course. Click on your course in the upper right. (For a series, follow the specified order of courses.) In the course, follow “Start Here”.

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