Step 2: Learning and Development Journal for CDI Courses (Required)

Research shows that adults learn best when they carefully reflect on their own experiences. Therefore, skills in reflection are critical for professional learning and development.  Your "Learning and Development Journal for CDI Courses" is where you document all of your important reflections and learning during the activities in a CDI course.  To access the Journal:

  1. Click on the link below and, depending on how your browser works, a Word document will open into your browser.
  2. Save the Journal to your computer. You do not need to email it to CDI faculty unless you are applying for a certificate that includes this course.
  3. Have the Journal opened into your word processor during the video or when using any of the sources for additional learning, so that you can conveniently document your reflections and learning. Thank you!

Learning and Development Journal for CDI Courses

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