Step 5: Sources for Additional Learning

NOTE:  If this course is part of the requirements for a certificate from the Institute, then you must answer at least one of the questions in the "Questions for Reflection and Discussion" below.  Write your answer(s) in your Learning Journal. 

Do Interactive Exercise(s) About This Topic

  1. In pairs, practice listening to each other, using the guidelines in the video, for example, repeating back the highlights of what the other person said.  Each person gets 5 minutes to describe some memorable experience, and why that experience was memorable.
  2. In pairs, practice dealing with interpersonal conflict.  Each person gets 3 minutes to pretend that they’re agitated about some topic.  The other person practices the video’s guidelines for managing interpersonal conflict. 

Read This Free, Online Article

The article, Key Managerial Actions / Structures to Minimize Conflicts, to learn what managers can do in the workplace to avoid destructive conflict from occurring in the first place.

Scan Lists of Free Articles About This Topic

Familiarize yourself with the sections of articles in the Library's topics, Building Trust, Conflict (Interpersonal), Empathy, Valuing Diversity.  They include an extensive collection of free resources about cultivating successful relationships with others.

Share Questions, Answers and Materials in CDI's Discussion Group

Use the Discussion Group to conveniently get help and give help with CDI faculty and fellow learners.  You can search for topics in the group, as well.  

Read This Book

Bridge’s book “Making Sense of Life’s Changes” provides an excellent overview of the psychological and sociological aspects and considerations for successful organizational change.  It will give you a strong understanding of what your clients might be feeling and concerned about while undergoing a major project for change.  That understanding can help you to better align your nature and needs with those of your clients.

Answer Questions for Reflection and Discussion

One of the best ways to enrich your learning is to reflect on the content of the course, including to affirm what you are doing now and to identify what you might do even better.  Think about the following questions.  Discuss them with others.  See Questions for Reflection and Discussion.

Review Range of Resources for Consultants' Learning

Scan the list of General Resources for Learning for Consultants.  Pick at least one of the resources to use now, for your continuing professional development.

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