Coaching Conversations for Momentum, Actions and Learning

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Course Details

60 to 90 minutes


$35 (US funds)

About the Course

Coaching conversations are a very powerful method to support others through the challenges and complexities of change in their organizations. Coaching brings out the wisdom, understanding and commitment of others to take actions and learn at the same time.  In this course, gain practical guidelines and tools to consider how and when to use coaching conversations to generate motivation, momentum and learning for yourself and others.

This course does not equip learners to be certified in the field of personal and professional coaching.  That level of competence comes from extensive experience, feedback and learning.

This course can be completed as a stand-alone or as part of the Certificate-Series Authentic Engagement with Clients.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the practice of coaching and how it differs from other methods of supporting others
  • Realize when to use, and not to use, coaching conversations with others
  • Consider powerful questions to cultivate the ongoing momentum, actions and learning of those whom you coach
  • Grasp the key requirements of useful actions that result directly from the coaching and produce useful learning
  • Deepen your understanding and applications with a wide variety of practical tools for coaching
  • Distinguish the features of successful — versus unsuccessful —  coaching conversations
Tools & Resources
  • Training Video
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Learning Journal
  • Sources for Additional Learning (recommended interactive exercise(s), book(s), discussion group and questions for reflection about the topic)

Downloadable Resources

  • Basic Guidelines to Coach for Deep Problem-Solving
  • How to Conduct a Spontaneous Coaching Conversation
  • How to Develop Relevant and Realistic Action Plans
  • How to Know When to Facilitate, Train or Coach
  • How to Paraphrase and Summarize
  • How to Question Others
  • How to Really Listen
  • How to Reframe for Meaning
  • Ineffective Versus Effective Coaching
  • Ladder of Inference to Clarify Problems

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