Authentic Engagement With Clients (and Others)


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Certificate-Series Details

6 hours

4 courses

Personalized Learning

$190 to earn Certificate, unless otherwise arranged

About the “Soft Skills” Needed to Successfully Work With Others

This Series is relevant to advisors, trainers, facilitators, coaches, mentors, leaders and staff roles working in organizations or independently. In this self-paced Series about the “soft” skills, you’ll clarify your own values, perspectives and biases and then how to manage them for positive change with others. You’ll know how to always sustain trusting, collaborative and productive relationships with others, including in highly diverse organizations. The Series includes guidelines to always listen, communicate and share useful feedback.  You’ll be equipped to conduct powerful coaching conversations for performance, change and learning. You’ll be ready to facilitate highly productive meetings with a wide variety of groups.

Learning Outcomes
  • Distinguish your primary style when working with others and how to adapt it when needed
  • Recognize diverse values, beliefs and opinions in others and how to work with a wide range of diversity
  • Determine how to share clear, relevant and targeted feedback for the progress and learning of others and yourself
  • Build and integrate group structures and practices for maximum participation and collaboration among group members
  • Manage group conflict, while retaining the members’ commitment to the group’s process and results
  • Use powerful coaching conversations to bring out the wisdom, motivation and performance of individuals and teams

More specific learning objectives are itemized in each of the courses in this Series.

Tools & Resources
  • Four Training Videos
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Learning Journal
  • Sources for Additional Learning (recommended interactive exercise(s), book(s), discussion group and questions for reflection about the topic)
  • Access to CDI’s Discussion and Networking Group

 Downloadable Resources

From “Understanding Yourself as Consultant” Course

  • What Really Motivates You in Your Work?
  • How Do You Respond to Feedback and Conflict?
  • How Do You View Organizations?
  • Understand Your Biases
  • Understanding Yourself as an Instrument of Change

From “Building Trust, Commitment and Collaboration with Clients” Course

  • How to Recognize Body Language
  • How to Share Feedback
  • How to Really Be Heard
  • How to Really Listen
  • How to Manage Interpersonal Conflict
  • Key Questions for Acculturating Communications
  • How Disconnected Conversations Can Kill Consulting

From “Facilitating Group Decision-Making and Problem-Solving” Course

  • How to Draft a Basic Contract for Facilitation 
  • How to Know When to Facilitate, Train or Coach 
  • How to Acculturate Groups
  • How to Design Groups for Successful Facilitation 
  • Basic Guidelines for Effective Meeting Management
  • Common Techniques in Facilitating Groups 
  • How to Enhance Participation in Groups
  • How to Enhance Participation in Groups 
  • How to Achieve Group Consensus in Decisions 
  • How to Intervene in Groups
  • How to Manage Conflict in Groups

From “Coaching Conversations for Momentum, Actions and Learning” Course

  • Basic Guidelines to Coach for Deep Problem-Solving
  • How to Conduct a Spontaneous Coaching Conversation
  • How to Develop Relevant and Realistic Action Plans
  • How to Know When to Facilitate, Train or Coach
  • How to Paraphrase and Summarize
  • How to Question Others
  • How to Really Listen
  • How to Reframe for Meaning
  • Ineffective Versus Effective Coaching
  • Ladder of Inference to Clarify Problems
To Earn a Certificate in “Authentic Engagement With Clients"
Complete 4 courses in this order:

  1. Understanding Yourself as a Consultant
  2. Building Trust, Commitment and Collaboration with Clients
  3. Facilitating Group Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  4. Coaching Conversations for Momentum, Actions and Learning
 Demonstrate Learning

  • Correctly answer at least 80% of the post-assessment questions for each course
  • Email Learning Journal to faculty shortly after each course
  • Pay the Series’ $190 fee unless otherwise arranged
 Earn a Certificate
Receive a Certificate in “Authentic Engagement With Clients”  from CDI

How it Works: To Enroll & Get Started

Enrollment Instructions

1-icon Create your account. Go to CDI’s learning site. Read the brief “Welcome” section and click on “Create new account”.

2-icon Select a course or series. Click on CDI’s Catalog of Courses and Certificate-Series, and select the desired course or series.


Enroll. Click on “Enroll me” in the course or series. Use Paypal for major credit cards, or enter an enrollment key if you have one.

Log-in & Learning Instructions

4-icon Log in. If you are not already logged in, then log into CDI’s learning site, using your username and password.

5-icon Start your course. Click on your course in the upper right. (For a series, follow the specified order of courses.) In the course, follow “Start Here”.

6-icon Proceed at your own pace. Interact with others in the discussion group. For support, see CDI Help Center. Email us if you finished a Certificate.


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