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The self-paced Certificate-Series guide you to develop a skill set in professionalism in consulting, authentic engagement with clients, principles in organizational consulting, collaborative consulting or facilitating strategic planning. Each Certificate-Series includes:

  • Access to three or more courses, depending upon the chosen Certificate-Series
  • Online and self-paced courses for maximum flexibility
  • Access to relevant, practical downloadable tools and resources
  • Clear and concise video presentations
  • Interactive pre- and post-assessments to deepen your learning
  • Personalized, actionable feedback on learning assignments from expert faculty
  • CDI Certificate of Completion emailed upon successful completion
  • Access to a discussion forum with other learners and faculty

As with any development experience, learners in a Certificate-Series develop skills to the extent that the learners actually apply the new knowledge and tools that they glean from the courses.

Certificates-Series are self-paced and must be completed within 60 days from the date of enrollment, unless an extension is granted.  Learners can start the courses right away upon enrollment.  The courses and the fee are specified in each Certificate-Series.  (Organizations can choose to collaborate with CDI to provide their own facilitated cohorts of learners in each Certificate-Series.)

Certificate – Series

Image of two business women seated at a table having a discussion

Principles in Professional Consulting

This Certificate-Series gives you the practical knowledge and resources to understand the field of professional consulting, your role as an internal or external consultant, and what methods to use in your consulting and when.  It explains how you can always work in a highly professional, safe and ethical manner, especially in highly diverse organizations undergoing tremendous change.

number-of-courses-icon3 courses

time-to-complete-icon4 hours to complete

cost-icon$155 to earn Certificate

download-tools-icon13 Downloadable Tools

personalized-learning-iconPersonalized Learning

Image of a meeting of a group of people actively and authentically engaged in the conversation

Authentic Engagement With Clients

In this Certificate-Series, you’ll learn to use your personality to affect positive change in your clients’ organizations. You’ll know how always sustain collaborative and productive relationships with your clients. You’ll be equipped to conduct powerful coaching conversations for performance, change and learning. You’ll be ready to facilitate highly productive meetings with a wide variety of clients.

number-of-courses-icon4 courses

time-to-complete-icon6 hours to complete

cost-icon$190 to earn Certificate

download-tools-icon29 Downloadable Tools

personalized-learning-iconPersonalized Learning

Image of a group of young business people having a consulting meeting

Principles in Organizational Consulting

This Certificate-Series can increase your credibility and impact with your clients by improving your understanding of organizations and how they work. You’ll grasp key principles for guiding successful change, the barriers that can occur and how to overcome them. You’ll learn core strategies to recommend to your clients so their organizations can thrive well into the future.

number-of-courses-icon4 courses

time-to-complete-icon6 hours to complete

cost-icon$190 to earn Certificate

download-tools-icon30 Downloadable Tools

personalized-learning-iconPersonalized Learning

Image of a group of business people making assignments

Collaborative Consulting Training

This Certificate-Series is for those who seek a non-proprietary, practical and versatile framework that provides clarity, perspective and results when solving complex problems or achieving significant goals in organizations. This universal and foundational framework is needed by any type of consultant or leader, whether they are installing new systems or guiding teams and organizations through significant change.

number-of-courses-icon7 courses

time-to-complete-icon13 hours to complete

cost-icon$275 to earn Certificate

download-tools-icon30 Downloadable Tools

personalized-learning-iconPersonalized Learning

Image of a white board with the word strategy written on it

Facilitating Strategic Planning (free series)

This Certificate-Series conveys the core knowledge and skills needed to successfully facilitate strategic planning for any purpose in any type of organization. You’ll learn to customize the planning process to suit the client’s culture and organization. You can guide clients through the strategic thinking and discussions to generate a strategic plan that remains relevant, realistic and flexible. Meanwhile, your client can compose the plan by completing a highly adaptable template.

number-of-courses-icon5 courses

time-to-complete-icon13 hours to complete

cost-icon$225 to earn Certificate; otherwise is free

download-tools-icon40 Downloadable Tools

personalized-learning-iconPersonalized Learning

How it Works: To Enroll & Get Started

Enrollment Instructions

1-icon Create your account. Go to CDI’s learning site. Read the brief “Welcome” section and click on “Create new account”.
2-icon Select a course or series. Click on CDI’s Catalog of Courses and Certificate-Series, and select the desired course or series.
3-icon Enroll. Click on “Enroll me” in the course or series. Use Paypal for major credit cards, or enter an enrollment key if you have one.

Log-in & Learning Instructions

4-icon Log in. If you are not already logged in, then log into CDI’s learning site, using your username and password.
5-icon Start your course. Click on your course in the upper right. (For a series, follow the specified order of courses.) In the course, follow “Start Here”.
6-icon Proceed at your own pace. Interact with others in the discussion group. For support, see CDI Help Center. Email us if you finished a Certificate.


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