Facilitating Group Decision-Making and Problem Solving

Image of a man in business suit speaking to group of individuals seated at table

Course Details

60 to 90 minutes


$35 (US funds)

About the Course

Guide and support group members to clarify their desired outcome and goals.  Customize the group process to suit the nature and needs of group members. Cultivate a safe and open environment for the free and useful exchange of ideas.  Know when to intervene in a manner that sustains the group’s ownership and commitment in their participation. Use powerful techniques for managing constructive and destructive conflict.

This course can be completed as a stand-alone or as a part of the Certificate-Series Facilitating Strategic Planning and Authentic Engagement With Clients.

Learning Outcomes
  • Establish the most important goals and working assumptions for effective facilitating
  • Build and integrate the necessary processes for highly functioning groups
  • Use a variety of intervention techniques to guide and support a group’s progress toward its purpose and goals
  • Facilitate for maximum participation, collaboration and engagement of all group members
  • Facilitate for full participation and deliberation for the best decision-making and problem solving
  • Resolve unproductive processes and behaviors while retaining the group’s responsibilities for the processes and themselves
Tools & Resources
  • Training Video
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Learning Journal
  • Sources for Additional Learning (recommended interactive exercise(s), book(s), discussion group and questions for reflection about the topic)

Downloadable Resources

  • How to Draft a Basic Contract for Facilitation
  • How to Know When to Facilitate, Train or Coach
  • How to Acculturate Groups
  • How to Design Groups for Successful Facilitation
  • Basic Guidelines for Effective Meeting Management
  • Common Techniques in Facilitating Groups
  • How to Enhance Participation in Groups
  • How to Achieve Group Consensus in Decisions
  • How to Intervene in Groups
  • How to Manage Conflict in Groups

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